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We are excited about unveiling our brand new website for Cabinets Direct USA! After a lot of hard work, the complete redesign from the ground-up is ready to show off our 5 new locations. Please take a look around and browse our new social media networks. Thank you for checking us out and remember at Cabinets Direct USA we always have the lowest prices guaranteed!

Cabinets Direct USA Launches New Website

Cabinets Direct USA is a third generation family business founded by Moe Zimmerman in 1935. The company’s humble beginnings consisted of Moe traveling into the lower east side of New York to purchase maintenance supplies and resell them door to door to apartment complexes.

From the very beginning the company implemented a philosophy of giving great customer service. As the company grew more products were added to the sales mix. Soon the company purchased a small warehouse in East Orange, New Jersey. Many of Moe’s customers asked if he could supply them with ice boxes. Keeping up with his great customer service philosophy Moe of course said yes. From the first sale of an ice box came many orders for other appliances. Soon afterwards Moe’s sons-in-law Charles Lubetkin and Stephen Weintraub came into the business and grew the company into a large appliance chain of 41 stores.

The company was then separated into two. One was the appliance chain called Brick Church Appliance and the other was called Apartment House Supply. The appliance chain was sold in 1988. Apartment House Supply was run by Charles’s son David Lubetkin, who began to sell kitchen cabinets to apartment complexes.

The kitchen cabinet business grew so fast that the company sold its maintenance supply division to focus strictly on the cabinets and the name was changed to Cabinets Direct USA. Today the company is one of the largest cabinet companies on the east coast, operates out of a 60,000 square foot distribution center and has five modern showrooms located in Paramus, Wayne, Livingston, Toms River and Orange.

Cabinets Direct USA
Cabinets Direct USA
Cabinets Direct USA is one of the largest cabinet companies on the East Coast, with six showrooms in New Jersey. This third generation family-owned business is dedicated to the philosophy of providing the best product options and service to their customers. Inquiries about their products or services can be made at any of their locations or online.