Design Trends That Stand the Test of Time

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, there are so many different design trends to consider. At Cabinets Direct USA, we supply a gorgeous range of cabinets, countertops and hardware for incorporation into the home – but we are also more than that. We are a team of kitchen design experts who want to help you in creating a truly stunning kitchen.


Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are elegant cherry wood colored cabinets that add a special look to any kitchen. Rich in color and full of life, cherry cabinets are a beautiful touch of natural sophistication. Cabinets Direct houses unique cherry wood designs in color schemes ranging from light bases to dark glazes. It’s also important to note that this wood will naturally darken with age – so waiting for the perfect combination may just be a matter of time.

Cherry Kitchens
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Cherry Kitchens

Click on the gallery above to explore design ideas for cherry color kitchens.

Choosing the Right Countertops for Cherry Kitchens

Picking the right countertop to complement your cherry cabinets will depend on the shade and tone of your cherry cabinets. This material is easy to customize, making it incredibly versatile for any kitchen space or color pairing. Neutral colored granite countertops are a great option for this type of wood. If you’re looking for a truer cherry-tint, Cabinets Direct recommends a gold-colored granite to bring out those vibrant red shades. There’s a perfect choice for everyone and with a free kitchen design, our team will apply their talents and quality craftsmanship for an outstanding finish.  


Kitchen Design Services in New Jersey

If you are convinced a cherry kitchen is great design fit for your home, then contact the professionals at Cabinets Direct USA today to get started. There are several ways to incorporate cherry wood into your kitchen design for an elegant and timeless design that truly stands the test of time. With New Jersey kitchen design showrooms located throughout the state, we’re ready to help you organize and install a kitchen that is uniquely you!

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