Gray Kitchen Designs

The color gray is versatile and pairs well with just about any design scheme. It can create a cool and calming effect with modern interiors, or pair well with wood finishes for a more inviting feel. If you’re looking to use gray in your kitchen, the Cabinets Direct USA idea gallery is at your disposal to inspire a kitchen arrangement that truly brings the home together.

Gray Kitchens
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Gray Kitchens

Click on the gallery above to explore design ideas for Gray Kitchens.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Part of designing a gray kitchen includes the selection of smaller components that make up the larger kitchen as a whole. Gray kitchen cabinets and countertops don’t have to match perfectly, but can provide an accented flair with practical use, no matter which final design you select. Whether it’s contrasting colors, shades or even entirely different material, there’s a unique gray kitchen combination just waiting to be explored at Cabinets Direct.

Gray Kitchen Showrooms in New Jersey

Envisioning a kitchen upgrade is one thing, but bringing it to life is a whole different conversation. At Cabinets Direct USA, that’s a conversation we’d love to have with you, as we’ll simplify your remodeling endeavors with side-by-side support. If you’re gravitating towards a gray styled kitchen, get in touch one of our local kitchen showrooms in New Jersey to check out your options. Contacting us over the phone or visiting in person will grant you the opportunity to receive a free kitchen design consultation with our design experts so you can narrow down the choice that suits you best. With careful planning and attention to detail, Cabinets Direct will deliver compassionate service with the best savings on your brand new gray kitchen.

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