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5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Summer

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  July 25, 2019

Nothing is better than an outdoor kitchen in the summer. An outdoor kitchen enables you to cook some great food while hanging out with friends and family in the fresh summer air.  What most people are surprised to learn is that an outdoor kitchen does not have to be as built out as your indoor kitchen. In fact, you may just need some very simple additions to your existing outdoor area to make it into a functional kitchen space. If you are interested in an outdoor kitchen for your backyard oasis, here are five outdoor kitchen ideas to make it a reality.

1. Outdoor Grilling Options

Do you already have an outdoor space with a BBQ grill? If you have already dedicated an area of your backyard for grilling, you are pretty close to having an outdoor kitchen. We love the idea of building out a grilling area into a full-fledged kitchen. To do this, you will want to add some countertops and a cabinet or two near your grill. This will give you an area to prepare food and entertain while grilling. Eliminating the frequency of running inside to prepare your food or grab all of your supplies you may have forgotten. This gives you more quality time to spend with family and friends. 


2. Outdoor Pizza Ovens

A fire pit is another easy way to achieve an outdoor kitchen without having to install a ton of appliances. A fire was the original outdoor kitchen tool and can now be incorporated into a unique outdoor kitchen design. We have seen fire pits be used to cook pizzas, grill burgers, and even bake a dessert! It is up to you how extensive you want to get with your fire pit, but all you really need is an area to build the fire, some stainless steel cabinets to store cast-iron pans and other fire-resistant tools, and some imagination for turning a firepit into the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. 

3. Backyard Shade Options

If you are looking to make the first step toward an outdoor kitchen area and entertaining space, we recommend starting with the basics — shelter and shade. Having a weather-resistant canopy or pergola installed in your backyard is a great first step to achieving your dreams of an outdoor kitchen. This will create a space where the kitchen will eventually be, allowing you to slowly add elements of your outdoor kitchen design to this area — such as a stove, grill, countertops, cabinets, and more. 


4. Backyard Dining Table

Not ready for a full kitchen? Start with a dining table outside. Eating outside is always such a treat and can help inspire the kind of outdoor kitchen you want to build. Find a space in your backyard that makes sense for your table to be located. From here, think about other items that might help make this a great dining area. It might help to have a small cabinet for keeping outdoor plates and cups or a surface for prepping and serving food. 


5. Contact Cabinets Direct USA for more inspiration

Need more ideas for your outdoor kitchen? Stop by a Cabinets Direct USA showroom today for more inspiration and tools to help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen. Cabinets Direct USA has six showrooms throughout New Jersey, and our brand new Zimmerman Kitchen Design in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. We offer professional design help and the leading cabinet products. Contact us today to learn more.