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Kitchen Hacks for Small Spaces

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  February 18, 2015

We all dream of having a large sprawling, picture perfect kitchen; a kitchen where there is a place for everything and pantries for days. That fantasy might seem impossible to attain in your tiny space, but with smart and efficient use of your space and some of these hacks, we can ensure that your dream kitchen is possible. Let’s get organized!

Cabinets, Cabinets, Cabinets!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to optimize your cabinet space. If your current cabinets are small and old, update your space with new and spacious cabinets. Cabinets Direct USA has a huge selection of cabinets to meet any price point, and you will see the difference in depth and storage that these cabinets offer compared to other suppliers.

Optimize Your Cabinet Space

Create Shelves

To optimize your cabinet space, create shelves within your cabinets. This makes better use of your space between shelves which often goes unutilized. Another option is to install pull-out drawers between your shelves. Same concept, but everything is more easily accessible. This space is best used for plates, cups, bowls, and other dinnerware you use on a daily basis.

Silverware Organizers

Who said silverware organizers were strictly for silverware? Use them to organize all of your appliances within your cabinets and drawers. This prevents drawers from becoming cluttered and disorganized, a common issue that tiny kitchens face. This also gets rid of the need for a counter-top canister to hold your spatulas and other cooking tools, saving you precious counter-top space.

Hang Kitchen Supplies

Use the inside doors of your cabinets to hang kitchen supplies such as measuring cups and measuring spoons. You can get creative with this by painting the inside of the door with chalkboard paint and labeling your supplies so everything has a place. Another popular hack is to hang up a magnetic board inside your cabinet. Put small magnets on all of your small kitchen tools so that they stick to the inside of the cabinet! By utilizing cabinet space that often goes unused (such as the doors), you will save tremendous amounts of counter space and drawer space.

Another tip: Use the chalkboard to write grocery lists and to-do lists, rather than having messy notes all over your fridge. This will create a cleaner looking space.

Hide the Trash Bin

The last thing you need taking up space in your kitchen is that unsightly garbage bin. Use your cabinet space to install a pull out drawer that the garbage bin can fit into. This will provide more space when trying to cook, and will prevent the garbage bin from being the center of attention in your kitchen. This same concept can be used to hide cleaning supplies, dish towels, and anything else that might be taking up counter space. A simple pull-out drawer can keep things organized, and most importantly; hidden.

Corner Cabinets

So much space in the kitchen is wasted on corners. Have your cabinet provider install a cabinet in the corner space of your kitchen, fully equipped with a Lazy Susan. This not only optimizes the space in the blind corner of your kitchen, but it also makes all of your larger cooking appliances easily accessible. Store your toaster, coffee pot, large mixing bowls, and even a microwave down here to save counter space.

This same concept can be applied to regular pull out drawers. Rather than having a drawer on either side of the corner (which is not only inefficient but quite annoying), have one large drawer shaped to the corner.

By utilizing your space in an efficient and smart manner, the kitchen of your dreams is possible-no matter how small your space is. Contact us to have any of these “kitchen hacks” installed into your space. In the meantime, check out our idea gallery for kitchen inspiration based on our previous projects.