How to Properly Measure Your Kitchen

How to Measure Your Kitchen

1– Sketch out the basic shape of the kitchen. While this does not have to be to scale, it is helpful to keep to some guidelines – eg. 1 box is 6″ or 12″.

2– Measure each outside wall’s total length from one corner to the other.

3– Sketch in windows, doors, interior walls, recessed areas, protrusions, islands, peninsulas, or other features.

4– For windows and doors, measure to the outside edges of surrounding trim.

5– Mark the locations of where the appliances will go. If you are putting in new appliances, try to have the widths of any new stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators ready at the time of design. (Aside from Microwaves, most appliances are fairly standard in widths: 30″ or 36″ for stoves, cooktops may be 42′ or 48″, 24″ for dishwashers, 15″ or 18″ for trash compactors, and 30″ to 36″ for refrigerators – or up to 48″ for built-ins).

6- For height, measure from the floor to ceiling in several places and use the smaller measurement. Remember to include any soflits, measuring both height and depth, as the cabinets will be mounted below.