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Designing Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchens are simple, classic and absolutely stunning when created with high quality products. To begin getting your initial ideas together, Cabinets Direct USA recommends picking out a palette of colors that interest you the most. These may be bright, trendy or neutral colors depending on your individual taste and the overall style of the home. Try using a darker color on the lower levels and lighter color for the cabinets above. This helps create a beautiful contrasted look that blends naturally with nearly any color combination. Be sure to think about the color of your walls as well to ensure every aspect of the kitchen complements each other. Cabinets Direct will guide you through the design process to ensure your two-tone design is executed correctly, seamlessly organic and visually stunning.

Select a Cabinet Brand for Your Two-tone Kitchen

Update Your Kitchen With Two-tone Countertops

If you aren’t looking to make any massive changes to your kitchen cabinets, you can achieve a bold color statement with your kitchen island instead. Selecting an inherently different color or material for your island will create the very same pop effect you’re looking for. The goal is to turn your kitchen vision into a reality that expresses your unique preferences – and a countertop that stands out establishes your kitchen as an elegantly modern masterpiece.

Select a Countertop Brand for Your Two-tone Kitchen

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Our professional kitchen designers are proud to help NJ homeowners simplify their kitchen design process with a complimentary consultation. It is highly recommended that you gather as much information about what you are looking for before the appointment, including style preferences and basic measurements. If you don’t know how to measure your kitchen, we have provided a resource for your reference. We are also proud to offer 12-month interest-free, no down payment financing with Synchrony Financial. After your home is professionally measured by a team member, final designs and drawings for your kitchen will be created. Fill out the form below to get started on your dream kitchen!