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Caesarstone Quick Facts:

  • Founded in Caesarea, Israel in 1987
  • Caesarstone is the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 certification (a global standard specifically for environmental protection), ISO 9001 (quality management standard), NSF (public health and safety) certification and the respected Good Housekeeping Seal from Good Housekeeping Research Institute
  • Caesarstone has also pioneered environmental and sustainability standards, such as recycling 97% of the water used in manufacturing and collecting dust from shipping, handling, production and processing. Caesarstone consistently seeks to protect the planet and the well-being of our customers
  • Caesarstone surfaces require minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new. Just gentle cleaning with soap & water or a mild detergent ensures ease of care for long-lasting luster. There’s no need to wax or seal.
  • Caesarstone surfaces come with a comprehensive warranty and professional customer service and support to their customers in over 50 countries worldwide

Caesarstone is an exceedingly developed manufacturing company specializing in natural quartz surfaces. The company was founded in 1987 and has since then progressed towards pioneering inventive surfaces with even higher quality.

Caesarstone Countertops Collections in New Jersey

Caesarstone has maintained its experienced position in the competitive field of home design by implementing positive strategies within the company. Their professional approach with clients includes providing extensive research and a highly trained workforce to take charge of the constantly growing market. In addition, Caesartstone uses advanced technology to achieve perfection in each individually customized countertop surface.

Choose the Durability of Caesarstone’s Quartz

Quartz countertops are the most durable option on the market and have seen tremendously high demand levels. With a wide variety of colors available, Caesarstone has proven its ability to provide consistent results that will give off a splash of elegance in a beautiful home. Caesarstone takes pride in its sophisticated process to create the ultimate Quartz countertops originating straight from the earth’s surface.

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