Silestone Countertops in NJ:
Innovative, Unique Quartz

Silestone by Cosentino is one of the world’s leading producers of quartz countertops. Cosentino created the market for Silestone in 1990 and has had outstanding success with the improved natural stone. The company is dedicated to its unique market and specializes in marvelous home design in bathrooms and kitchens.

Silestone Countertops Collections in New Jersey

More specifically, Silestone surpasses the quality of other quartz countertops with its many unique characteristics. The strong surface is stain resistant, acid resistant, acid resistant, scratch resistant, and impact resistant, a product that will last a lifetime with a written 25-year warranty included. The bacteriostatic protection component makes Silestone a unique trademark that prevents the growth of bacteria, perfect for your clean kitchen environment. Not to mention, the countertop comes in a wide range of textures and colors to pick from.

Silestone is the most innovative countertop on the market and is the highest quality guaranteed. Silestone is an advanced creation stemming from natural crystallized quartz that will absolutely last a lifetime.

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