10 Bathroom Design Details You Can’t Forget

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  August 10, 2017

We sometimes ignore the smaller details when designing or remodeling our bathrooms. Remembering to include small details into your design can truly make your space your own. Below are 10 bathroom design details that you shouldn’t ignore during your bathroom makeover!

1. Window Treatments

Gorgeous window treatments can take your bathroom to the next level! Beautiful curtain fabrics, shades, and blinds personalize your space and put your windows on display. Not only do window treatments beautify your bathroom, but they also provide much needed privacy!

2. Shower Tile Design

Stunning shower tile is one way to add a unique touch to your bathroom! With infinite colors, materials, and designs available – customizing the look of your space is easy. Pull out all the stops with an accent tile to really create a wow-factor.

3. Beautiful Tile Flooring

A gorgeous tile pattern on your bathroom floor adds interest and glamour to your space. Create a tile centerpiece on your floor with a mix of tones, colors, and tile shapes for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

4. Creative Mirror Shapes

Don’t settle for a boring rectangle! Add style and elegance with a creative mirror shape. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes – round, oval, and even scalloped – so pick one that best fits your personal style and with the overall design of your room.

5. Pick the Right Faucet

Picking the right faucet for your sink is always a challenge, but a beautifully designed faucet can be the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom makeover. Picking a different faucet style, shape, or color is the easiest way to add a small detail to your space. You can even incorporate the same color and type of faucet in the shower!

6. Wallpaper

Having a bold wall is a great way to bring your own personal style into your bathroom. Test out samples of wallpaper to see which is the best fit for you, but make sure to keep the rest of your elements simple.

7. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an easy way to bring detail into your bathroom. Whether you like pendant lights, or even a small chandelier, different lighting can add serious style to your space. However, good lighting is essential in any bathroom so be sure to include ambient light to illuminate broadly, task lighting to illuminate your vanity, and accent lighting to highlight architecture or elements in the room.

8. Hardware

Whether you like gold, chrome or brass, picking the right hardware for your space is the key to making a bathroom come together. Sticking with one metal keeps the bathroom looking uniform, but if you’re brave enough, try mixing your metals. Mixing metals in the bathroom adds a unique touch to your space and looks stunning.

9. Sneaking in Storage

Storage is a bathroom essential. Find ways to incorporate more of it into your space! Store towels and other toiletries in your cabinets and add small decorative pieces to your shelves to liven up your bathroom space.

10. Unique Vanity Countertop

Creating a unique vanity is easy! Pair darker cabinets with a lighter countertop to add some contrast, or incorporate candles or small plants on top to add a little something extra. Personal touches make your bathroom feel like your own and add tremendous style.

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