Flowers in Kitchen

5 Tips to Welcome Summer Into Your Kitchen

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  June 27, 2017

The kitchen is where friends and family eat, gather, talk, laugh and share way more than a meal – so it’s important to keep the space as welcoming, trendy and well decorated as possible. Now that summer is finally here, take a note from the sun-filled season, and fill your kitchen with as many things that remind of you of the warm months ahead.

Decorate with Seasonal Flowers

Dahlias, marigolds, pineapple lilies and peonies are just a few of the many flowers that do extremely well in the summertime heat. Some flowers will live longer outside in the fresh soil, but most of them can thrive inside, too. Purchase different styled pots to plant your own fresh flowers in, or clip some from the ones you have outside the house to bring into the kitchen and place in a vase of water. The sweet smells and close-up view will be the perfect reminder of how much you love the summer season.

Add Pops of Color Throughout the Kitchen 

The blue skies, warm-toned sun, bright green grass and other colors seen throughout the season can be placed right inside your own kitchen – a simple and easy way to bring the summer into your own space. You can weave the colors into your tablescape, placing a light-hued or multi-colored runner on the middle, or hanging up a colorful curtain and valance pair. If you’d like to incorporate the colors a little less permanently, you can do so by purchasing colored plates, cups, dishes, bowls and silverware – either plastic or disposable – that can be used while you enjoy a meal. Placing summery wall art around the kitchen, with brightly colored frames, is also a great way to spread summer cheer around.

Invest in Nautical Décor

It’s not a cliché – summer is all about the water, especially if you reside in an ocean or lake community. So, take a little slice of heaven with you, and decorate the kitchen with nautical décor. Because it’s a popular design this time of year, department stores and interior design shops everywhere will be booming with quality products that you can buy. Aside from unique anchor statues, beach chair picture frames and vases filled with sand and shells, you can tie in some nautical patterned fabric and roping on your table and countertops. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of nautical decorating ideas you can use for your kitchen, all of which can be done yourself…with a little creativity and elbow grease.

Add Summer Favorites to the Menu

Depending on where you live, there will be different kinds of seasonal summer foods that your family and friends crave during the hot months of June, July and August – but nothing says summer like barbecue straight off the grill, regardless of what state or town you’re from. That being said, fill up the menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour with your favorite summer foods, and dishes that are most enjoyed during the season. Hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, fruit salad, seafood and macaroni salad are all yummy choices to serve up, and they don’t require much prep work. And remember, this also includes beverages, too – so when guests are hanging out in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to offer them some tropical sangria or frosted lemonade to cool off on a hot day.  

Try a Beach Theme

Beach themes will never go out of style during the summer season – and it looks especially upbeat and fun when incorporated into a kitchen space. Whether you DIY a flip-flop kitchen wreath, hang up an “Aloha” sign or scatter starfish and multi-colored shells onto your kitchen table, bringing the vibe of the beach into your home will be a pleasant, beautiful experience.

Contact Professionals for Kitchen Design Tips

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