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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  June 27, 2017

4 Bathroom Vanity Planning Tips  

Although bathroom remodeling can be a bit strenuous – especially when you factor in the budget, unique styles and hiring a professional to help you with the process – it’s also pretty enjoyable. What’s more, the possibilities you have to choose from as far as designers and brands go are seemingly endless, which is definitely the case when bathroom vanities are involved. Check out these tips to pick the right bathroom vanity for your home:  

1. Crunch the numbers

Talking about money isn’t always fun, but it’s crucial to set aside an amount of time to take a close look at your financial situation prior to starting your bathroom vanity search. There are a handful of prices you’ll need to properly budget for, so creating a checklist and managing your money will help you clearly see what you can and cannot afford as far as products and installation services go. Once you’ve come up with a concrete number, you can map out the more important elements regarding your bathroom vanity, and won’t waste any time looking at ones that are out of your price range.  

2. Consider your space   

You don’t need to be a building professional or architect expert to figure out how much space you have to work with. Invest in a tape measure, and jot down the measurements of your entire bathroom – including the amount of counter and storage space that you’ll be requiring – before setting your heart on a bathroom vanity that may or may not fit properly. The width, depth and height of the bathroom must also be recorded, so you’ll be able to purchase the best-fitting vanity possible. For those with bathrooms that are more narrow than usual, remember that vanities with a smaller depth will be your best option. Depending on which bathroom the new vanity is being placed, you’ll need to weigh out various options – master bathrooms, guest bathrooms and powder room bathrooms all require a different type of vanity.

3. Decide on the style and aesthetic you want  

Once you’ve installed a bathroom vanity, you won’t want to remove or change it anytime soon – so making sure you pick a beautiful style that perfectly complements your existing bathroom design and layout is necessary. Contemporary-styled vanities are ideal for most bathrooms, providing a simple and neat design, while modern vanities offer more daring and bold angles. Anyone who enjoys a traditional look will love a more classic vanity, complete with carvings or rich wood. Oppositely, a rustic bathroom would pair well with a vanity that enhances the natural beauty of wood or stone. Other design elements to consider include the finish – be it ceramic, glass, wood or stone – as well as the base and sink materials, storage options, sink faucet and handle hardware, and whether or not you’d like a backsplash or side splashes.  

4. Think about the sink

While some bathrooms might not provide the space to think about more than one sink, those that are roomy enough will let you choose how many you want. If you’re only accommodating one person, a single vanity with one sink is a safe, practical choice, leaving you more counter space for other things. If your bathroom is going to be used by two or more people, a double vanity with two sinks is the ultimate – as a rule of thumb, two sinks work best with a vanity that has a width of 48 inches. Aside from the number of sinks, you’ll need to consider the mounting styles you prefer. Free standing vanities are the standard, resembling the appearance of a chest – including its ability to hold all of your bathroom essentials. A wall-mounted vanity doesn’t touch the ground, giving you more floor space to work with. Lastly, a corner-mounted vanity contains a 90-degree angle, which allows you to install it neatly into a corner.

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