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It’s All About the Details

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  May 4, 2016

Getting the Most out of Bathroom Design Details

Whenever it comes to a bathroom design, it is all about the details – because the details make your bathroom complete. The knobs on your cabinets, sconces, or paintings can really tie your entire style together, bringing your bathroom to life. The sole difference between an okay bathroom and an exquisite bathroom design can be observed through the bathroom’s finishing touches.

Typically, when you find yourself in a bathroom feeling totally welcomed and relaxed, this feeling is due to the bathroom’s details. This is because the finishing details give you the power to add a touch of individuality to your bathroom. Here is a closer look at important details that make your bathroom complete.

Paint Colors Add Personality

If you are looking for bathroom inspiration, colors like pale greens, grays, or blues can be great choices. These colors are neutral, so they help to portray a style that is relaxing and calm. These characteristics are completely appropriate for any bathroom walls or cabinets. A seemingly small detail, such as a bathroom’s paint color, can say a whole lot about style. If relaxed and calm is not the type of bathroom personality you want to create, maybe you want a bathroom that makes you feel energized and refreshed. In that case, do not overlook your bathroom’s final paint color early on in the planning process. This way, you can coordinate your cabinets, countertops, and flooring to complement the style you are going for.

Consider Storage

Your bathroom serves as one of the most high traffic areas in your home. Therefore, you should consider all of your storage options when mapping out your bathroom design, because you will need a space that is functional.  When it comes to bathroom design, it is important to keep storage solutions in mind from the get-go. You should think about features such as custom cabinets to make unique spaces work. Choose storage solutions to suit your needs and accent your bathroom’s style. Details like pull out shelves or a built-in shower bench can make your bathroom even more unique.

Bathroom Hardware Brings Character

Bathrooms are relatively small spaces, but they can be jam packed with character if you have what it takes to make it happen. It’s all in the details, especially the finer details. Bathroom hardware, such as a cohesive vanity choice, can help to keep your room from looking discombobulated. At the same time, that same choice could bring attention to a clean, sleek design. Moreover, there are even finer details, like your faucet finish, that can be essential in conveying the tone of your space. That tone, otherwise known as your bathroom’s overall style or character, is entirely up to your own personal liking. You should take full advantage of this opportunity and use details to create a bathroom that is decidedly modern, traditional, or casual.

Lighting Selections are Dramatic

Good lighting or bad lighting will both make a dramatic impression, but you should pay attention to the details and shoot for a positive one. It is details like the combination of varied light sources that will complement your bathroom’s overall ambiance. Remembering to install practical lighting for tasks, such as makeup application or facial grooming, can make your bathroom’s atmosphere go from basic to spa-like. Don’t forget about natural light! You should think about the way natural sunlight will shine through your window treatments. There are not many windows in bathrooms, so you should pay close attention to these details when thinking about the way natural sunlight reflects within your space.

Free Bathroom Design Consultation in NJ

Always pay attention to details because details play an important role in completing your bathroom design. Think gorgeous hardware, an eye-catching color, and architectural overlays. Or, make every effort to impress with accent shower tile. Contact Cabinets Direct USA today for more bathroom design details or for a free consultation. We are proud to extend our highly rated services!