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How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Storage

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  May 3, 2024
A person organizes some towels in a wicker basket which they are placing inside of their bathroom cabinet

Organizing your home can seem intimidating and stressful. Finding the best organizational materials, maximizing your space, and ensuring that your space looks clutter-free are all major components of organizing your bathroom cabinets. Most importantly, you have to make sure that whatever organization methods you decide to use are functional and that it will be easy to find any products you reach for frequently. To make organizing your bathroom cabinets less of a hassle, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite methods to use when organizing your bathroom cabinets.

1. The Hidden Storage Method

The Hidden Storage Method is particularly valuable if you’re dealing with a smaller space, like an apartment bathroom or a half bath. In such limited spaces, it’s best to avoid cluttering the area with noticeable organizers or traditional storage solutions. We suggest starting with a recessed medicine cabinet for a sleek, modern approach, unlike the bulky versions you might be used to. These cabinets are built into the wall, so there’s no protruding box, and with a mirror serving as the door, it’s invisible unless you know it’s there. This method is excellent for discreet storage, allowing you to customize shelf heights to suit your needs, storing everything from personal care products to extra rolls of toilet paper hidden in a decorative wicker basket.

2. The Extra Large Vanity Method

This method hinges on the design and fixtures in your bathroom. If you have a large vanity or are planning to install one, you’re in luck! A large vanity provides ample counter and drawer space, making it easier to organize and segregate your items. If your vanity has a “Jack & Jill” layout, sorting items by user or type becomes simpler. Larger items like cleaning supplies or bulky products fit well here, and drawer organizers can help manage smaller items to prevent them from getting jumbled.

3. The Exposed Shelves Method

If your bathroom includes built-in exposed shelving, this method will be seamless and requires no additional modifications. This method will work best if you’re already someone who considers themselves organized, tidy, and uncluttered. If you often keep your spaces clean, this is perfect for you! For the exposed shelving method we recommend buying a few aesthetic organizational pieces- these can be small plastic, fabric, or woven bins. These pieces will keep your bathroom organized, without having your clutter on display. In the bins, you can store anything from extra restock products to cleaning supplies, women’s sanitary products, or small towels. This is also a great way to hide extra rolls of toilet paper- they can stay in your bathroom for easy access but don’t need to be on display. For the exposed shelves method, you can also fold a few extra towels to give a warm, homey feeling. Lastly, on your shelves, feel free to put out a dish or tray that can hold a few small decorative pieces such as a small plant, a candle, or nicely wrapped soaps. This will make guests think that the exposed shelving is less of a storage space and instead just another nice area of your home.

4. The Minimalist Approach

    The Minimalist Approach works best if you already don’t have excess or items or clutter. For this approach, you keep only a few, usually the most necessary things on your counter, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, mouthwash, facewash, moisturizer or any other daily products you may use. Try to aim to only keep around a maximum of five items out, to ensure you are keeping that minimalistic look. For any products that you plan on keeping out, organizing them on a decorative tray can keep your space looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. For anything that you don’t use daily, organize those products in any cabinets or drawers that you have available. A tip is to organize them according to category of the  product, how often you use it, or size! Since they won’t be out on your counter,  try to put any products you use frequently in top drawers or shelves for easy access.

5. Utilizing Open Space 

Many new homeowners and renters have been facing issues that stem from a lack of storage, so instead of renovating your entire bathroom, we recommend looking for empty spaces to add storage. For example, over-the-toilet shelving pieces offer more storage and can add even more personal style to your space. If you don’t want to add a furniture piece, you could also opt to add above-the-toilet shelving to increase storage space. Thin rolling carts and behind-the-door customizable hanging shelves are also increasingly common. For renters, we recommend adding temporary storage, such as adhesive acrylic shelving. This can be a cute way to display your favorite skincare and makeup or even add some decor items. Another tip could be to add a sleek towel rack if you don’t have a linen closet to store towels. This leaves more space to organize other products and leaves your towels looking seamlessly rolled up like a spa. Another option could be to look into mirrors that offer hidden cabinets. Many full-length mirrors now offer hidden cabinet space- you could hang these from the back of your door and it will keep your products in reach but out of sight!

Bathroom Storage Tips

  • Utilize smaller storage baskets for larger cabinets without drawers
  • Sort Items categorically, grouping hair products in one drawer or basket, makeup in another one, and cleaning supplies in their own space
  • Keep large, bulk objects in a different location. Those giant packages of toilet paper might be better stored in the garage, with just six or so rolls kept in the bathroom storage.
  • It is usually easiest to store cleaning supplies in shelves directly under the sink, since that space provides the height necessary for any sprays or larger bottles.
  • If your mirror has a “medicine cabinet” design, it will be easier to store smaller products inside, such as toothpaste, skincare, floss, etc.
  • When trying to maximize storage, it can be helpful to take products that you’re familiar with out of their bulky packaging, in order to save space.

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