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7 Classic Kitchen Design Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  February 22, 2019

From colors to light fixtures, kitchens will always remain a focal point of every home. Kitchen trends change every decade or so, however, there are many aspects of a kitchen that will last a lifetime. Here are seven trends that will help you create a timeless kitchen.

Neutral Color Palette

White, cream, and beige are classic kitchen colors that will move along with the decades. If youre unsure of what color will withstand the test of time, a traditional white kitchen places number one. White kitchens have an endless amount of design aspects for any homeowner. If youre more into traditional details or a sleek modern design, a white kitchen will look contemporary for future decades.

Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Adding the trend of glass cabinet doors will make your kitchen more appealing and vibrant. From frosted to crystal clear glass, these cabinet doors can add a unique touch to a timeless kitchen. When choosing the glass for your kitchen remodel, you need to decide what its function will be.

Clear glass will show everything in the cabinet, so this is ideal for flatware, stemware and any other china you want to showcase.

Kitchen Islands

If you dont have a small kitchen, a kitchen island is a must. It becomes appealing to the eye and breaks up the space in your kitchen design. Most importantly, its functional. Cabinets in the island is a great place to store pots and pans, and you can even install your sink and dishwasher to it. You can also select different countertop heights and contrasting color to add a unique touch.

Pendant Light Fixture

If youre looking for a light fixture that can keep your kitchen ageless, pendant lighting isnt going out of style anytime soon. There are a wide arrange of pendant styles that can match any personality, design trend, and price range. Place the lights above the island, over the sink or over the dinner table to make a bold statement while being functional.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets have been around for over 150 years and are one of the most popular style of cabinets. They feature a five-piece door with a recessed center panel, coming in both traditional and modern designs that can look clean and simple or decorative. Shaker style cabinets are the timeless staple you need in your kitchen, and the best part is they complement any kitchen design you currently have or desire.

Timeless Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are the most versatile part of any kitchen remodel. With thousands of countertop designs to choose from, deciding which countertop you want in your kitchen can be tough. A more traditional kitchen can truly benefit from a stone or quartz countertop that feels contemporary and fresh. But if youre looking for a more inviting feel, a warm wood countertop can inspire a homey element into your kitchen. But you can never go wrong with a dark countertop, which can add a sense of drama to any kitchen.

Ceiling Treatments

Although you may not think about your kitchen ceiling too often, ceiling treatments are a kitchen trend that is here to stay. A shallow beam coffered ceiling can spice up your small kitchen and add drama, while a ceiling molding can complement the shape of your kitchen island. Add some intrigue into your kitchen with a new flair to your ceiling that will remain relevant for ages.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling and Design

If you or someone you know needs a kitchen update, here at Cabinets Direct USA  we can help you find the cabinets and countertops that work the best for your kitchen and wont ever go out of style. We also offer free kitchen designs to help you start your kitchen remodel. For more information, contact your nearest location today!