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8 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Kitchen

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  December 28, 2015

New year, new kitchen! Kitchens are central part of our lives and well-being. Make yours better in 2016, by making some improvements to your kitchen. Here are 8 resolutions for you to make your kitchen more useful and fabulous this year.

1. De-clutter

There are numerous ways your space impacts your goals. Find a home for everything! Everything should have a place to keep the counters as clear as possible. If you can’t find a space or use for it, throw it away! There’s no need to keep anything that is junk in the New Year.

2. Organize

Keep similar items together and items you use daily in a convenient location. This way you won’t be wondering where to put things after you wash or use them. Another great idea is to add organizers to your cabinetry. These will help you find things quicker, which in turn can help you cook and eat more at home, making your lifestyle healthier.

3. Prevent Countertop Stains

If you have natural stone countertops, like granite, re-seal them to prevent any further stains from occurring. Sealing countertops is a very easy process and only takes a couple minutes; don’t be afraid to do it by yourself. Tired of your cabinets and want something new in the New Year? Re-new your countertops with Cabinets Direct USA! We offer a wide variety of countertop options, ranging from granite to quartz, to laminate surfaces. Cabinets Direct USA’s granite countertops are naturally beautiful and are offered in limitless color options. Granite countertops are also resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making it one of our best sellers year after year.

4. Switch Out Old Cabinet Hardware

Find some new interesting cabinet hardware for your kitchen! Count up the amount of knobs and check the screw hole to screw hole dimension to make sure you get knobs that will fit and look great in your new and improved kitchen. At Cabinets Direct USA, we offer free design, free estimates, free knobs, and a wide selection of cabinets if you’re looking to change your cabinets completely!

5. Keep It Clean

Make a resolution this year to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. A messy kitchen can discourage you from cooking, which could potentially cause you to order take-out. This isn’t good if you just made a resolution to eat healthier! Don’t let yourself fall into this situation. Make sure you clean up after cooking, and always put away or wash your dishes to keep your counter clutter free. You’ll be cooking a lot more in the New Year with a cleaner space.

6. Add More Color to Your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen space with color! You can add color to your kitchen with new colorful or patterned cushions for your chairs. Don’t just stop there! Add splashes of color in your other accessories too, such as flowers, towels, curtains, containers, stools, and more! You’ll be surprised how much your kitchen will come to life.

7. Recycle

Start recycling if you don’t already! A pull-out recycling bin is perfect for your kitchen, because it won’t take up any unnecessary space. You can conveniently toss all of your metal, plastic, and glass-containers in the recycling bin, helping to reduce waste and the environment.

8. Maintain

The hardest part of any resolution is maintaining it throughout the year. Keep to the plan by sticking with it through thick and thin. Don’t be discouraged and go back to bad habits. Keep improving your kitchen space and kitchen habits by setting goals, keeping a schedule, and reminding yourself of all the benefits your new kitchen will give you in the New Year.

Kitchen Redesign in 2016

If you’re looking to re-design your kitchen in 2016, Cabinets Direct USA can help you! At Cabinets Direct we offer FREE kitchen design appointments, where we will go over your likes, dislikes, and kitchen preferences. Contact Cabinets Direct USA to schedule your free appointment today!