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9 Space-Saving Tips for the Kitchen

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  March 22, 2016

Kitchens undoubtedly get the most love in a house, but their steady use means they also get the messiest. If you share a home with someone else, it could mean double trouble for any chance of organization. Staying afloat of the chaos is key, so follow these 9 tips to organize every last scrap of space in your beautiful kitchen.

1. Maximize Corner Space

Corner cabinets make use of space that is often ignored in the kitchen. Optimize your corner cabinet space with a Lazy Susan!

2. Kitchen Carts

When you can’t possibly fit anything else in your cabinets, kitchen carts are the way to go.  Keep your cart stylish with mugs, utensils, or other decorative dinnerware you may have, rather than food.

3. Unify Your Flow

A good way to save cabinet space is to keep like-things together. For example, organize spices on one rack and mugs on another.

4. Space Up High? Install a Rod

Sometimes, being short makes tall cabinets more of a hassle than they are worth. Instead, install a rod to hang pots and pans up at a height that is easily accessible- and save that space up high for items you rarely need.

5. Consider Wall Mounted Tables

Similar to the kitchen cart, a wall mounted table can be a useful substitute for a real table. Unlike the kitchen cart, this one can fold against the wall to provide extra space.

6. Bins, Bins, Bins

Bins can organize every aspect of your kitchen and save on cabinet space. In the refrigerator, bins can keep more round items from rolling away. In cabinets, it can mean tossing all of your pencils together or having a good space to put your wallet and keys every day.

7. Label Everything

Sometimes, we let spoiled or expired food take up a little too much space in the kitchen. Remedy this problem by labeling food with the expiration date, so that you can easily throw away items that are no good.

8. Bulk Jars

Put bulk items like flour, sugar, and salt into large and clear jars. This accomplishes two things: it saves the space that the packages take up, and it also allows you to know how much you have left of each item.

9. Utilize Cabinet Door Space

On the inside door of your cabinet, you can create a hanging area for any miscellaneous items. Or, attach chalkboard paper to the inside and leave a marker to write down anything from cup measurements to grocery lists that would otherwise litter your kitchen space.

Buy High Quality Cabinets

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