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Kitchen Aesthetics: Set the Aura in Your Home

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  July 8, 2015

The kitchen is your comfort spot; where you go to find delicious meals or little munchies to feed your appetite. Whether you’re sneaking down to the pantry in the middle of the night or heading to the fridge after coming home from a long day at work, your kitchen always sets the mood for a fulfilling visit.

Shaping the perfect atmosphere you want in your kitchen is just as important as any other room in the house. When you slip into your bed at the end of the night, you have a cozy feeling, curling under your blanket with the dimmed lights and warm scents. When you adventure into the kitchen with a growling stomach, you want to feel some type of way, which is where aesthetics come in!

Creating a personality in your kitchen assures a stylish feel to your home. But the first step is to decide what mood you want to construct. Through different color choices, stone cabinets and countertops, and furnishing styles, designing the perfect vibe in your kitchen is easy and fun.


Colors play with your emotions. Just like the one of the most iconic artists of all time, Vincent Van Gogh, who strategically expressed subjective emotions in his artworks through the power of symbolic colors. Colors convey a more creative, deeper meaning to the artwork than what the raw image in the painting implies.

Just like a painting, the message of the color on your walls sets the right mood you want in your own kitchen. Where most kitchens have neutral (white, tan, dark browns) colored walls, never reject colors right away before considering all your options.

  • Black

Simplistic, modern, bold, young.

  • Red

Passionate and daring.

  • Orange

Creativity and warmth.

  • Yellow

Happiness and optimism.

  • Green

Restful and calming.

  • Blue

Peace and tranquility.

  • Purple

 Spiritual and stimulating.

  • White or Neutral

 Very versatile, sophisticated, traditional.

Playing around and testing out different hues can also make a huge impact on influencing an aura. In addition, the lighting of the room complements your mood and your visitors’ moods as well. Dimmer lighting in a kitchen creates a more romantic, engaging vibe, while brighter lighting creates a more family-friendly, productive vibe.

Stone Countertops

The colors for your cabinetry and countertops also play a major effect on the atmosphere the kitchen brings. The appearances in the different stone designs help generate the mood and coexist with the whole color scheme choice.

  • Light Toned

With light colors bring a brightening effect. Using light stoned countertops and white wood creates a very homey, inviting, more classic feel.

  • Tan-Toned

Fresh and vintage. A traditional tan color scheme in the kitchen cooks up a warm, cozy atmosphere that never goes out of style.

  • Two-Toned

Elegant and unique. Usually with the lighter color on top and darker color on the bottom, this striking look gives off an airy feeling in your kitchen.

  • Dark-Toned

Modern and trendy. This fun and contemporary twist to kitchen design creates a sensual, simplistic ambience.

Furnishing Styles

Furniture, fittings, and other adornments can drastically transform a kitchen’s vibe. The decorations and additions to a kitchen create an impression in someone as soon as they walk in to the room. Don’t underestimate the strength of decorative interior design.

  • Minimalistic

Simple and minimal decorative accessories construct a very sleek, chic look. Most definitely opposite from boring, these curtain-less, carpet-less, and bare countertop styles generate a spacious, new, modish tone.

No need to have more than what is necessary anyways! Or in other words… hide all the kitchen tools and appliances for a neat and polished appearance.

  • Quaint

Homey and welcoming, your kitchen is a place for family to get together for a nice home-cooked meal. Decorations, flowers, and pots and pans on display does not always mean unwanted clutter—it can generate an old-fashioned, good feeling aroma.

Just like a Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s house, the vintage clocks on the walls and your great-great-great-grandmother’s teapot brings a warmhearted and comfortable feel.