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2017 Kitchen Trends

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  February 23, 2017

A new year has arrived and this year’s resolution is to finally redecorate your kitchen. With more materials, designs, and models available for all budgets, there has never been a better time to remodel your kitchen cabinets, countertops, and hardware. If you haven’t yet decided on what you’re going to do, use our design inspiration for the best home interior trends of 2017 that will stay relevant for years to come.

Black and White with a Splash of Color

Designers have utilized the black and white color palette in kitchens for years with good reason. If you’re going for a minimalist look, nothing can beat it. But in 2017, throw a curve to this traditional style by adding some bold injections of color with your hardware and sinks. Look towards colors such as dark green, reds, jewel tones and cheerful yellows to add depth and fun, while also breaking up the monotony.

Hidden Appliances

If you’re not a fan of a more industrial look in your kitchen, it may be time to look beyond the idea of stainless steel appliances and consider hiding some of your utilities from every day view. The end result is a more unified design to your kitchen.

Engineered Countertops

For the past decade, kitchen countertops have been dominated by marble and granite, hard and beautiful materials that have great versatility near the stove. But more recently, people are choosing different types of countertops for their home. Engineered countertops, for example, are often made with crushed quartz, which is then mixed with resin. The result is like granite, but is actually tougher and doesn’t need to be sealed annually.

Mixed Media Finishes

Monochromatic stainless is always going to be a safe option within your kitchen, but this year, have a little fun and be adventurous with your designs. Vary your stainless hardware with jeweled or pewter styles and incorporate terracotta tiles along the wall. By mixing up materials, your kitchen will have a more eclectic and personal feel.

Maximize Kitchen Storage

Every year it seems there is a new sort of pot, pan, processor, and gadget on your must-have list. With more appliances than ever to store, maximizing your storage space is crucial to keeping your kitchen organized, especially if you have a small kitchen. Cabinet designers are coming up taller, deeper cabinet styles for more storage and multi-tiered drawers for added organization.

Design your Space in a Commercial Way

If you’re expanding your kitchen, rebuild it with an emphasis on prep space. Combined with an open room, neutral stone colors, a dash of color and top quality appliances, your guests will know you take food seriously, while turning the kitchen into one of the most impressive rooms in the house. You’ll also find that added prep space amazing in reducing stress when you’re cooking.

Cork Lined Walls

Pegboards have been used for decades for their added storage efficiency in the kitchen, but the chic addition of functionality this year will be a full cork board wall. Both fun and useful, you’ll be able to keep notes, schedules, and recipes in an easily accessible location. Cork has the added benefit of insulating sound, ensuring that any culinary chaos stays in the kitchen.

Open Shelving

Open shelving took off in 2016, and it’s not going anywhere. You’ll find it especially appealing for displaying your colorful plates, ornate glassware, decorations, cookbooks and more. However, if you are tight on space, this is one trend you might want to avoid in order to put the wall space to more urgent use.


Automated appliances and interconnected technology is better than ever. Faucets with sensors will help kids who can’t reach. Lights will sense whether anyone is in the room, turning off when not in use and, therefore, saving money. Open your mind to smart utilities this year and you’ll reap the benefits of their brilliant convenience.

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