Inside view of cabinet drawers

5 Options for Inside the Cabinet

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  October 1, 2019


No matter how much time you spend cooking in your kitchen – functionality is key. With features like assisted touch cabinetry, assisted opening and closing, as well as other custom storage options, the ways to stay clean and organized are endless. Giving your kitchen a personal touch by implementing custom organization and storage options, allows you to move around your space with ease, and avoids the problem of clutter and wasted counter space.

1. Assisted Touch Cabinet Feature

There’s nothing worse than having dirty hands from a messy cooking project and not being able to open a drawer or cabinet. Assisted touch allows you to have access to the inside of cabinets without making a mess. You can easily use assisted touch by firmly pressing on the top corner of the cabinet with the back of your wrist or fingers and it will gently open. Add an assisted touch feature to your trash storage cabinet to help make cleanup a breeze.

2. Custom Storage Features

Stop running around your kitchen going in and out of different drawers looking for utensils, customize your kitchen storage and choose what works best for your lifestyle. There are a number of customizations such as utensil storage that can provide a central location for all your cooking utensils and, eliminates the need for a bulky utensil holder that only takes up counter space. In-drawer storage allows you to not only maximize counter space but it also is easy to clean and organize the different compartments.

3. Tray and Baking Sheet Storage

Digging through piles of baking sheets, pots, pans, and trays is nothing but a pain. Pull out tray storage is a great way to tackle this problem! Trays can stand up and easily slide in and out of the storage partitions. Its ability to pull all the way out makes it easy to see everything in the cabinet and effortlessly grab what you need.

4. Appliance Lift

An easy to use appliance lift is a necessity for any at-home cook. Use it to easily take out and put away heavy or bulky appliances like mixers or blenders. An appliance lift helps you avoid heavy lifting, takes up no counter space and is easily accessible. The lift smoothly rises to countertop level, locks into place and is ready for usage in an instant. To conceal the appliance it simply glides back down and into the cabinet for storage.

5. Assisted Operation Opening and Closing

Personalizing your kitchen storage is vital to improving the functionality of it. Being able to customize your storage allows you to pick and choose what works best for your needs. Assisted operation opening and closing help with those up high and hard to reach areas of your cabinetry, and it makes it extremely convenient for quick access into your cabinets. Touch to open cabinetry also keeps your kitchen looking sleek and modern, without any bulky hardware or handles.

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