An assortment of items like food, beans, and canned goods.

Does Your Kitchen Need a Pantry?

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  March 22, 2024
An assortment of items like food, beans, and canned goods.

What is a Pantry Cabinet?

A pantry cabinet is a must-have for homeowners who need more storage space or want to hide any clutter in their homes. Pantry cabinets are large cabinets, built into the wall, meant to provide extra space and storage to hold countertop appliances, extra ingredients, spices, snacks, and anything else that a homeowner may want. Differing from a traditional pantry, recent designs of pantries can be walk-in. More recently designed pantries are also more customizable, allowing homeowners to personalize the inside to maximize their space in the way that they will use it most.

What’s the Difference Between a Pantry Cabinet and a Larder?

     While both have been around for centuries, to hide clutter and hold extra storage, larders and pantries do have some differences. Pantries can be walk-in-style or large cabinets built into your walls, but they are usually not included in the design of the kitchen. Pantries, no matter their size, often offer shelving. Pantries can store anything from extra food to spices to appliances. The way that you fit and organize these items within your pantry is completely up to you. Larders, on the other hand, are often included and built into the kitchen design. Larders are often found at the end of cabinets and are easy to access since the items within them are still right in your kitchen. Larders can hold the same items as pantries, so spices, baking ingredients, and countertop appliances will be easier to reach. 

  More recently, both pantries and larders are more customizable than they used to be. Now, homeowners can use specific shelving, drawers, or inside designs to help maximize storage space and reduce clutter outside of these areas. 

What’s the Difference Between a Pantry Cabinet and a Walk-In Pantry?

  A pantry cabinet is similar to a kitchen cabinet, but it is often larger and may hold more. A walk-in pantry is similar to a small room or closet that is near the kitchen. Walk-in pantries usually offer more shelving, space, and storage. Walk-in pantries get their name since you can walk and stand in the pantry like a room, whereas a pantry cabinet will be built into the walls of your home. Since walk-in pantries are a newer design, they may offer more customization and maximize the space available by having personalized shelving designs, drawers, or space dedicated for certain items.

Do I Really Need a Pantry?

  The need for a pantry is completely dependent on the homeowner’s needs or the amount of space that is offered in the home. Most of the time, if you have children and a family, a pantry can be really helpful. Since pantries are usually used for storage, they can store extra snacks for school lunches, non-perishables, and extra ingredients that aren’t used daily. If you live alone or with one other person, like your partner or a roommate, a pantry might not be necessary. If you have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, you might not need a pantry to hold your extra items. 

Do Most Houses Have Pantries?

  Yes, generally most houses have and come with pantries when you purchase the home. Most houses include pantries because they offer storage that is necessary for most homeowners, especially families. While most houses have pantries, where the pantry is located can vary. If your home has a walk-in pantry, it may be in the kitchen, next to the kitchen, or could be slightly down the hall. If you have a pantry cabinet, it will most likely be in or right near your kitchen. 

How Do You Pick Out the Right Pantry for Your Home?

Picking out the right pantry for your home is not dependent on only design, but also your personal space and preferences of storage. Depending on how large your home and family is, you may need more space to store extra food. Some factors that may influence what kind of pantry your home needs are:

  • Cooking preferences
  •  Household size
  •  Other available storage areas in your home
  •  Kitchen storage space
  •  Lifestyle
  •  Amount of clutter you are likely to store away 

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