Kitchen with organized drawers and countertops

6 Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  September 13, 2017

Whether your kitchen is small enough to be a Fisher-Price toy or bigger than some people’s apartments, functionality is crucial. Cabinets Direct USA has seen it all in New Jersey homes, and today they’re offering some of their best tips. Keep these in mind to turn your kitchen into something an engineer would approve of.

1. Label Everything

While clear containers make it easy to see what an item is, the brain still benefits from a label associating text with exactly what you’re looking for. There are a variety of different options with labels. You can go utilitarian with some tape and a sharpie, especially perfect for those temporary goods. If you’re particularly crafty and want an elegant DIY solutions, try investing in a die cutting machine to create custom vinyl labels that add a personal and professional touch. Labels are also great for shelves and drawers, encouraging organization in a snap.

2. Drawer Organizers

For those who believe everything has its own place, drawer organizers are must for your kitchen. Whether it’s cutlery, napkins, or other kitchen utensils, there’s a plethora of great designs that improve drawer function. Just one word of advice: make sure to measure your drawers prior to purchasing any organizer to avoid any awkward fits.

3. Install a two-tiered carousel in corner cabinets

At this point, carousels in your corner cabinets should be a no-brainer. These spaces are notoriously tricky to navigate due to their increased depth. By incorporating a carousel, the items nearest to the door are as easy to access as the ones in the back. A two- story carousel allows for added storage without adding clutter.

4. Organize Spices in a Drawer

Spices give foods a plethora of flavors and prevent our meals from being bland and lifeless. But it doesn’t help when you think you’ve run out of black pepper when in reality you’ve got two more containers collecting dust in the back. Keeping spices in a drawer allows for easy viewing, both to see what’s available and easily identify another spice when cooking on the fly.

5. Take Advantage of Smart Technology in the Kitchen

The smartphone is ubiquitous in every home, and now home docks are rising in popularity. Companies such as Google and Amazon have products that can voice control lights, play music, and answer various questions. Need to know how much butter needs to be used as a substitute for oil? How about set a timer or reminder in ten minutes? These products can help without the need for stopping your next task.

Another product that can be very handy in the kitchen are light strips that can be attached to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets or attached inside of drawers. These have the option of being controlled through smart applications or via motion sensors. Once installed, you’ll have energy efficient, non-invasive lighting that is perfect for setting the mood or wandering the kitchen at night.

6. Less is More – Store Away the Least Used Items

Be honest. When is the last time that over 80% of the appliances and cooking tools in your kitchen were all used within a month? Unless you’re running a catering business out of your home, chances are a few items have been hogging space untouched in your kitchen. Take a serious inventory of what legitimately gets used on a daily or weekly basis, then store away everything else in the deepest pantries or another storage space entirely. It’s a safe bet you won’t use some of these items – such as that crockpot in the summer – for months. With less clutter, clean-up becomes easier, items are easier to find, and thus cooking becomes more efficient.

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