white kitchen

How White Cabinets Can Modernize Your Kitchen

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  May 10, 2017

Do you feel like your kitchen needs a makeover? One simple color can update your space into a bright and modern kitchen. Bright, white cabinetry is your key to a more modernized space. It’s timeless and provides your kitchen with versatility, making your kitchen appear more contemporary, depending on which finishes and colors you pair with your cabinets. If you’re looking to install new cabinets and revamp your kitchen, here’s how white kitchen cabinets can modernize your space.

white kitchen

How White Cabinets Update Your Kitchen

Fresh and Clean

A fresh coat of white paint to the walls and cabinets can make your kitchen appear brand new. Updating your kitchen with lighter and brighter paint gives the space a more simple and clean appeal. It also gives your kitchen design a more contemporary and elegant touch.

Brightens a Room

Lighting is essential for creating versatility and ambiance in your kitchen. Since white is so reflective, white cabinets combined with good lighting helps give your kitchen definition and character. Pendant lighting, recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting will illuminate your white cabinets, brighten the room and give your kitchen a more modern appeal.

Creates a Sense of Space

If your kitchen has predominantly dark features, it can make it feel cramped and outdated. The solution: white kitchen cabinets. The color white makes your kitchen appear more spacious. The white paint reflects the kitchen’s natural light, making it appear bigger than it actually is. White cabinets also are great for smaller kitchens, adding dimensions to your space by creating shadows and contrasts that emphasize planes and surfaces.

Every Color Looks Great Paired with White

Because it’s the ultimate neutral, every color looks great paired with white. Even other neutrals like gray, beige and black look amazing with this happy color. If you want to add more life to your white kitchen, you can easily use pops of bold color or include colored interiors in your open shelving. It’s simple to change the look of your white kitchen with color accents, trim and artwork. If you’re looking to create a more sophisticated, modern appearance, incorporate deep grays, blacks and dark navy blues into your kitchen. For a soft yet fresh feeling, use pastel greens, blues and yellows for trims and accents.

White is Timeless

Although there are many cabinet colors, the one color that has stayed popular over the years is white. White cabinets are timeless, and one of the most utilized colors in the kitchen. They offer a clean, fresh and classic look, transcending every kitchen trend and giving a visual boost to your space. White cabinetry also is applicable for many kitchen decoration styles and has no problem modernizing your space. Even if you decide to make changes to your kitchen in the future, your white cabinets will still match your ever-changing room.

White Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

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