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The Top Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  January 8, 2020

Kitchen islands are becoming more and more popular and they are not going away anytime soon! Having a kitchen island is practically an absolute necessity in life nowadays. It’s common that the kitchen is the busiest and most social room in your home – the island will change the entire functionality of the space. Kitchen islands are a practical communal area, where your loved ones can gather, cook, eat, and discuss their day.  Kitchen islands can be in most size kitchens. With the option to do mobile island carts, peninsula style, which is a connected island that converts an L-shaped kitchen layout into a U-shape. Another common trend is to completely ditch your formal dining table and having your formal seating at the island. There are loads of advantages when having an island in your kitchen. Keep reading to discover more about the benefits that a kitchen island can offer you.

Kitchen Islands Create More Storage 

The one room in your house that always needs more storage, is the kitchen. Leaving pots, pans, cutting boards, or your air fryer on the counter can make your kitchen feel unorganized and messy. Having a kitchen island can help with the storage problem. You’re not just adding an island, you are adding customizable storage that includes, draws, cabinets, shelves, even a built-in wine rack, or a coffee mug holder- the possibilities are endless! This will positively help you better organize and improve the overall functionality of your kitchen. On a side note- the kitchen island is a clever way to hide your trash and recyclable cans from your guests.

Creates Additional Cooking Prep Space

The kitchen island can give you and your family the room needed to work together in the kitchen all at the same time. One of the most frequent purposes homeowners choose to add an island to their kitchen is to create more supplementary cooking and countertop space.  There are limitless opportunities of amenities for your kitchen island to have. You can have almost anything put in the kitchen island from a prep sink, dishwasher, built-in cutting board, or a wine fridge.  Now, you can have space for all your dream amenities!

Creates Additional Seating in Your Kitchen

When entertaining in your home, it’s a known fact that your guests will always end up in the kitchen.  An island invites people into the kitchen to gather and at the same time, it includes the host to be part of the conversation. Having a kitchen island present will create additional seating for your family and guests.  Also, there are customizable options, such as having a bar height higher, which will separate the workspace from the dining area. The elevated bar top lets family and guests have the ability to interact with you when entertaining, without being a nuisance in the cooking area.

Kitchen Islands Create a Focal Point

Besides just practical and functional improvements to your kitchen, the island creates an eye-catching centerpiece to the heart of your home.  The island creates character, dimensions, and personality to the kitchen. There are plenty of ways to garnish your kitchen island such as displaying your collection of cookbooks or a jar of your favorite candy. Two-toned kitchens are a trendy design to add more dimensions within the kitchen. It’s very chic and stylish to have the kitchen island be a different color than the other cabinets, which creates more of the focal point.  A popular example is having your kitchen island in a bold chocolate brown and the other cabinets an off-white tone.

Kitchen Islands in New Jersey From Cabinets Direct USA

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