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5 Ways to Re-purpose Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  May 20, 2015

While kitchen cabinets are traditionally used to store food, glassware, and plates, there are plenty of ways to add a creative twist to your otherwise uniform look of cabinet door after cabinet door. From storage hacks to technology hubs, cabinet space can be utilized for much more than you may think. Here are a few ideas on ways to spice up your kitchen cabinets and give the room a whole new feel!

Wine Cooler Cabinet

By having a wine cooler installed into an existing cabinet space, the wine cooler can now be “converted” into an all-beverage cabinet. Now, the 2-liter bottles of soda that don’t fit in the fridge and are left to sit on the counter can have a home where they’ll be the perfect temperature for a refreshing glass of soda. Of course, now there will always be a bottle of wine within reach as well, for those days when you just need a glass or two while prepping dinner for the family.

Disguised Cabinets

Not every cabinet needs to function exactly how it looks. If you’re handy with a saw and some drills, you can create your own cabinet fronts that give the room a whole new look. Wishing you had drawers instead of cabinets? Here’s your opportunity to at least achieve the look you’ve always dreamt of. You can also have some fun by creating false cabinet doors to cover unsightly kitchen features or build cabinets around items that normally would be left exposed, like a microwave or telephone.

Pull-Out Drawers

Let’s face it, whenever there is a certain pot or pan we are looking for, it always ends up pushed in the back of a cabinet underneath the counter. It’s a less-than-desirable place to have to crawl into to search around for something. By adding pull-out drawers into lower cabinets, you can create storage for each type of pot, pan, or appliance that will roll right out when you need it. Smaller cabinets can be used in the same way, but for things like spices, cooking ingredients, or other smaller-sized foods.

Tech Hub

It’s next to impossible to find a home that doesn’t have multiple computers, cable boxes galore, a wireless router, and chargers for devices of all shapes and sizes plugged in all over the house. What if you were able to take a cabinet in your kitchen, and consolidate all of the unsightly technology  laying around the house? If you keep a computer in the kitchen, a cabinet is the perfect spot to stash the computer tower, as well as any wireless routers that are hooked into the computer. Any cabinet can house technology, all it really needs it an outlet to be installed in the back of the cabinet going into the wall.

Chalk Paint

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Via A Beautiful Mess

If you have young kids, this is a great way to get them to help with things around the kitchen, like putting away dishes after they run through the dishwasher. A simple layer of chalk paint allows kids to use colored or white chalk to write on the cabinet fronts. Get them started by labeling what goes into each cabinet, and you’ll never have to empty the dishwasher again! Chalk paint also comes in many different colors, and can add an antique look to your cabinets, thanks to its flat color and distressed look.

Have you ever tried to convert a cabinet to one of these? Maybe you have another way that you use extra cabinet space? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss some of these unique ways to repurpose our cabinets!