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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  August 8, 2018

As a high traffic and high spill area, your kitchen sees a lot in one day. Gradually over time, the layer of grime and sauce stains will become more noticeable and harder to get off. Cleaning your kitchen cabinets should not have to be a chore unto itself. Make your clean up a little easier with these tips on how to clean your kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Your Cabinets

Depending on the material used and different stains or splotches on your cabinets, various cleaning supplies are needed. While certain spills require special clean up, some household items you may already have laying around. Detergent, vinegar, baking soda, and all-purpose cleaner can be mixed with water when needed for a quick clean. Test the chosen supplies on a small, not easily seen area before moving to more noticeable sections to avoid ruining the finish or color.

How to Clean Wood

Most spills can be wiped off wooden cabinets with a damp paper towel. For areas that accumulate large amounts of oil or grease, homeowners can use any grease cutting dish or laundry detergent mixed with water. A good rule of thumb when mixing is to pour two cups of water with every cup of detergent.  If you don’t have liquid-based detergents, vinegar and water or baking soda and water can help remove layered grime. Similar to liquid detergents, pour the  mix with a 2:1 ratio.

To protect your cabinets, the best way to clean wood is to use an oil-soap wood cleaner. Available in most hardware stores, this relatively cheap wood soap will scrub away the mess without affecting the color of the wood.

How to Clean Painted

Painted cabinet clean up varies depending on the type of base used in the paint. On one hand, oil-based paints are much more durable than just wood alone. Its finish adds a layer of protective coating allowing it to take a good scrubbing without warping. Any of the DIY home solutions mentioned above work well on oil-based paints as well. When it comes to water-based paints, use caution when scrubbing. Avoid using baking soda as the paste may scratch the surface. Warm water and a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner work best for water-based paints.

How to Clean Metal

With the exception of water mixed with baking soda, most cleaners will remove dirt and stains from metal cabinets. Catching the mess when it happens as opposed to cleaning after it has set prevents unwanted discoloration. Wiping the surface dry after cleaning will help prevent rust.

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