Autumn Kitchen Inspiration

By Cabinets Direct USA  on  October 7, 2016

How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Like Fall

The weather’s getting cooler, the leaves are changing colors; fall is in the air! It’s time to bring the outdoors inside and decorate your home with the warm and golden color schemes of this new season. With our help below, you can transform your kitchen into a cozy and autumn inspired retreat!

Crockery and Silverware

Swap out summery dishes and drinkware for seasonal options. Copper mugs, harvest-colored table linens, and cooler-toned dinnerware will add a seasonal touch and liven up your kitchen table. If you have a dinner party, your guests will love your fall-themed table setting!

Seasonal Scents

Exchange your usual dish soap for one with a fresh fall scent, burn some candles to set the mood, or put out a diffuser or potpourri. Pumpkin spice, apple cider, and cinnamon smells will be an easy switch to make the kitchen feel warmer and more like fall. Be mindful not to mix too many different fragrances: if you choose to light candles, stick to one at a time or use hand and dish soaps that have the same smell.

Increased Lighting

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean your time in the kitchen has to! Invest in a new lighting fixture, replace old light bulbs, or light an arrangement of candles (they also add a great fragrance to the room) to help bring more light in your kitchen. Lighting can really help set the mood in your kitchen, so make sure your room is well lit to keep you from getting the blues!

Autumn Centerpiece

Whether you purchase an already finished centerpiece or make it a fun DIY project, an autumn themed centerpiece is the perfect way to bring the season into your kitchen! Visit your local craft store to collect twigs, leaves, vines, and berries or even take the more authentic route and go foraging in your backyard. If you prefer something softer, pick up flowers in reds, yellows, oranges, and purples, and assemble your centerpiece in a vase or recycled bottle. It’s fun, easy, and brings attention to your kitchen table.


The rich brown color and rough texture of burlap screams fall. Incorporate it into your décor by wrapping utensil holders, vases, and some mason jars in burlap, or consider using a sheet of burlap as a table runner.

Cozy Paint Colors

Bring the rich colors of fall into your home by updating your cabinets, furniture, or a boring wall with yellow, orange, red, or purple hues. Not only will attention be drawn to that section of the kitchen, but also, it will give your kitchen the face-lift you have been putting off!


Pumpkins are the international sign for the fall harvest, so there’s no better place to incorporate them into your fall décor than the kitchen. Whether you paint patterns on the pumpkins, display ones of different sizes, carve them, or wrap them with doilies, burlap, or twine, the possibilities are endless.

Kitchen Remodel in New Jersey

If you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel to add the warm colors of fall into your space, Cabinets Direct USA can help you design the kitchen you have been dreaming of. We offer free kitchen design to homeowners in New Jersey. During this appointment, we will discuss your cabinet likes and dislikes, take basic measurements, and talk about your budget. From there, we will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the final product. For more information, please contact us today or visit one of our NJ showrooms!